Game Story
To be continued…

Concept World Building

Mankind in the past has found a new resource – Enoch.
Enoch's ability to generate eternal energy spurred Mankind to enter the Cosmic Age and conquer the stars.
Prosperity ended when Mankind began to abuse Enoch.
A great war broke out and most of humanity was annihilated.
The victors became Noah, a race of horrors, disfigured by the misuse of Enoch resources.
Well-known for their hysteria and aggression, driven by their thirst for battle, they continue to invade and spread fear throughout the galaxy.
A great event occurred that caused the entire Noah race to disappear from history.
Later on, they became known only in stories.
The survivors have regrouped on the furthest planet in the galaxy and continue to survive. 100,000 years later, they also became a new relatively civilized Human race and were admitted to the Galactic Alliance - an alliance of many different races in the universe.
Our story begins on the planet Neo - Where the HQ of the Galactic Alliance is located.
A great event occurs, the Noah race rises and destroys the planet Neo as the first step in their re-conquest of the galaxy.



· Theme: Cyborg, Zombie, …
· The old Human, mutated by Epoch. An ancient and mysterious race.
· Aggressive, belligerent, blood-thirsty.


· Theme: Human, Cyborg, Psychic…
· The new Human: mastering high-tech sciences. Some outstanding individuals can use psychic energy.
· A race that specializes in providing and exchanging advanced technology with other races in the Alliance.


· Theme: Cult, Ocean, Fish, Humanoid
· Evolved fish-man, worshiping ancient gods.
· This race is emerging and is Human's direct commercial competitor in the Galactic Alliance.
· Petty mind with full of dirty schemes. Not likely to play it fair, especially with foreigners. Gadreel likes quantity over quality and fancies strange religions as much as secret societies.
· Despite being hostile, the diplomatic relationship between Gadreel and Azazel (Humanity) is relatively harmonious. In a difficult situation, temporarily trust can be built even though it's easy to get stabbed in the back.


· Theme: Slime, Monster, Humanoid…
· An ancient Slime race that has undergone many evolutionary cycles, diverse and abundant forms, and can freely change the shape of the body.
· Haughty and often despise other races.
· Smart and likes to exchange technology with the Azazel.
· Contrary to their glossy appearance, they are ruthless and indifferent to their own race. Tends to destroy and absorb those of the same race they consider incompetent and inferior.


· Theme: Animals, Humanoid, Cyberpunk, Renaissance nobles, Orcs…
· An ancient race that survived the Noah era. They rely on ancient weapons of mass destruction and don't care much about the others.
· Has a grudge against the Kokabiel and has only lived peacefully in the last few thousand years.
· Passionate about knowledge and possess a wealth of rare information about past technologies.
· In the process of degeneration, slowly dying.


· Theme: Bug, Weapon, Mechanical, Parasite…
· They call them "Prayer" because if you happen to encounter them, you will most likely meet any God you worship.
· Prayer is just a lower-class parasite. However, by the randomness of fate and the rotation of the war machines, they managed to parasitize the weapons of the Noah clan and become a new species.
· Despite going through as many evolutionary cycles as the Kokabiel, the Prayer was unable to become an advanced civilization. All they possess is the overwhelming number and powerful destructive power of the host.
· As long as there is war, Prayer will continue to exist. Their presence on the battlefield is a bad omen because wherever they appear there will be no victors. The weapons of the dead will all come back to life and sing a song for the resentful souls.


· Theme: Dog, Cat, Dragon,...
· They didn't call them "Ancient" but the universe define them so.
· They first appear from too long ago that no one can count or know exactly when. But one thing's for sure, they happen to be older than the universe itself.
· A rare and mystery race, no one has ever met or seen them once, or they are blending too good for us to spot one of them among our kin.
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