Skill System
Will be changed in future
  • Each Hero has their unique skills
  • The number of skills will be based on the rarity of Heroes
    R : 1 Talent and 0 Skill MR : 1 Talent and 3 Skills
    SR : 1 Talent and 1 Skill UR : 1 Talent and 3 Skills
    SSR : 1 Talent and 2 Skills UUR : 2 Talents and 3 Skills
  • Heroes will unlock skills based on their Level (start from level 1)
    • Talent : Default at Level 1
    • Skill 1 : Unlock at Level 1
    • Skill 2 : Unlock at Level 2
    • Skill 3 : Unlock at Level 3
    • Skill 4 : Unlock at Level 4
  • To Level up a skill, you need Skill Medal, which also can be bought through an in-game shop and The Level Cap of a Skill is as equal to Hero's Level
  • The Effect of a Skill will be influenced by Level up Skill, and Rebirth
  • After Rebirth once, the skill will be reset to only 1 (Skill 1) and at level 1 (Skill's attribute and stat will be changed)
  • To use skill
    • Talent : Hero will automatically activate the skill when meeting the condition (some Talent is passive)
    • Skill : When killing an enemy, the hero being used will absorb a soul, each soul fills the soul bar for 10 points. Each skill will have a different amount in the soul bar. When a soul bar is full, the user may click on the skill icon to use.
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