• Gameplay will be Tower Defense with user as commander, give commands to units and Heroes to defense a Fortress against enemies
  • User Heroes’ skill to support
  • Each Unit has their own element.

PVE will be separate to 3 game modes

1. Campaign (Solo)

  • Play through game’s story mode
  • There will the story of each race for players to play
  • There will be reward after finishing a stage level

2. Daily Dungeon (Solo / Co-op) (coming soon)

  • Dungeon will be changed each day (6 elements for 6 days)
  • User may get different Unit’s Fragment for each different Dungeon
  • On Sunday, all the Dungeons will be opened

3. Daily Boss (Solo / Co-op) (coming soon)

  • Boss will be changed everyday
  • User may get different Equipment for each different Boss
  • On Sunday, all the Bosses will be opened