DeFi2.0 Token

DeFi2.0 gives the answer to “where profit comes from?” with the Tax tracking mechanism from Token Trading/TX or fee from DEX activities, Margin Trade and NFT Game. By that, ShibaW DeFi2.0 Built-in Token itself has become a transparent, safe revenue source that is 100% automated by Smart Contract and shared with holders - the value companions of the project and its development.

Holders Reward

The contract will automatically distribute 6% Tax fee from every buy/sell/TX for all Shibaw Holders. Trading volume is stimulated by demand for trading token on DEX, Swap or in-game demand from players and trading NFT on Marketplace.

Simply put, when buying ShibaW Token, you pay in advance an amount in appreciation to the previous holders. When someone makes a transaction, you begin to receive profits. Similar for token sell/transfer activities. Imagine what you have after holding for an extended period, giving that the token amount and their value are both increasing.


We have been building ShibaW Game over the past 1 year without raising any fund. Everything was built purely from the enthusiasm of team members. Nonetheless, funds are essential for the next phase of market expansion, marketing, optimizing product competency, and subsequently meeting the demand from millions of players. Therefore, 6% of every transaction (buy/sell/TX) will be utilized for the above targets to ultimately bring ShibaW game to the Rush Royale level of success in the next 2-5 years.

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